Inspired Downloadable Art Prints for Home and Office

Hi, I'm Ken Freeman and I paint by Law. I'm a retired photographer and Field Artillery Instructor for the Army. Now I'm living my childhood dream of being an artist, and creating things I love using color and movement.

So, I decided to share my original artworks, photography and designs with other people who love art just like me.

That's why I have this wonderful website. Now I can invite art lovers who want to be apart of an art community with lots of perks. I'll be able to do all the things I've been dreaming to do right here.

To get things started, I've created two categories for my artwork. One is a feature section that will showcase new artwork and items that are on sale. Right now, I've started uploading Downloadable Art Prints to a section with that same name. I'll have other sections later like originals.

Start looking around in my instant download prints category. It will be worth your time and will save you some money if you don't mind owning a print. Right off the bat, you'll save shipping costs if you download an art print and take it to a professional print shop in your hometown. You can also use a POD (Print On Demand) to print your artwork. I have a 7 minute video that will explain all of that below. "That's me lol!"