About the Artist

I'm Ken Freeman, and I paint by Law.

Years ago, after retiring from photography and 20 years of Field Artillery Survey for the United States, I began a new journey. I started to paint. Painting wasn't something new for me because I was drawing and painting during my teens. Nevertheless, this time around something had changed. Instead of using sight to paint, I started painting from the inside out. There were no pencils, no pictures to reference from. I was relying on an inner sight.

It wasn't easy at first, but I knew that this was the direction I needed to go to follow this new life. Eventually, things began to happen. I can only describe it as, "painting what I saw."

All of my paintings start as abstracts, and some of those abstracts begin to take shape as portraits. I believe this occurs because of my extensive background in portrait photography. When faces appear, they are truly muses for me.

I also like to use numbers, symbols, letters, words to form a foundation on which my imagination builds a painting. You'll find them under some of the transparent layers that I place on my canvas. Sometimes, they are not hidden and forms a cohesion to the overall message.

Like Willem De Kooning, I continue to rotate my canvas, constantly changing directions. Staying in one place stagnates a painting as much as over working a painting. Details do the same for me. Less is more. No matter what, the final stroke to a painting should continue to vibrate into the universe forever.